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Vector Graphics Explained

What ON EARTH is a vector graphic file? Does it have anything to do with angles or angels? Was it named after a guy named Victor, then over the years was it mangled into the word “vector” by laymen with … Continue reading

Why Should Businesses Hire Professional Graphic Designers & Printing Houses

Marketing your business is the most important part of achieving success and increasing profits. Without marketing there is no way to get the word out about your product or services. Some of the most effective marketing tools are printed materials. … Continue reading

Cultivating Your Business with Business Cards

Growing up a business is a crucial part that businesses undertake. Mostly we often hear requests asking for a business card after a good conversation, meeting or gatherings. The practice of handing out business cards to sales people is the … Continue reading

What exactly is a QR Code?

In the technologies world there exists a new advancement known as qr code, which stand for fast response requirements. They are used in storage of data and appearance as numerous modules set up to form a rectangular shape towards a … Continue reading

Why order a custom logo design?

Have you ever wondered what is there in the design of a particular logo that makes it stick to the back of your head? Have you ever pondered some time thinking why your brain associates itself with a particular company … Continue reading