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Our Canberra Print office now offers Spot UV printing. Spot UV is a modern way to make your print material stand out. As the name suggests, a Spot UV coating or “varnish” is applied to chosen spots (areas), of a printed card. This has the affect of highlighting and drawing attention to that part of the design, but it also provides the additional visual stimulus of having varied textures on a single printed surface. If you are located in Canberra and need Spot UV printing contact us for a FREE and quick quote.

Canberra Spot UV Printer

You may be surprised to learn that Spot UV (also referred to as Spot Gloss or Spot Varnish) printing isn’t actually a printing technique at all, but rather a method for coating printed products. While Spot UV may sound futuristic, it is a relatively simple process. The “UV” portion of Spot UV printing involves using UV light for curing a varnish placed on the printed material. Although printers can utilize this method on white paper or card stock, it is most effectively on color-printed products to enhance product shine, protect its color, and keep moisture and damage out in order to preserve the product. 

Due to its lack of volatility, Spot UV printing is known for being environmentally friendly. This means that little or no varnish becomes a gas that can escape into open air.

With different techniques, printers can create different results in Spot UV printing. Spot UV printing works best with heavier card stock, so it is most commonly utilized for premium business cards or printed flyers. The “spot” part of Spot UV printing refers to the ability to apply this technique to only parts of a page if desired; it is mainly used for its decorative effect. Because Spot UV printing can deepen the colour of areas it’s applied to, this property should be weighed during the design of a product.